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Getting started with Mukuru Employment Agency

What are the benefits of Mukuru Employment Agency?
Mukuru Employment Agency  is your one stop shop for planning your career. In Mukuru Employment Agency  you can get personalized recommendations for the most suitable job opportunities, online learning content and industry news that help you take charge of your professional life. Explore different career options, set your career goal and start working towards it!


What do I need to do to start using Mukuru Employment Agency ?
There are no special requirements for joining Mukuru Employment Agency . Anyone who wants to apply for jobs, take courses, read news articles and plan their career may register for Mukuru Employment Agency . Registration is fast and easy. However, to find relevant jobs and courses or to increase chances of finding employment, users are encouraged to build their online CV.


How much does it cost to use Mukuru Employment Agency  (as a Job Seeker)?
Using Mukuru Employment Agency  is completely free.


How much does it cost to use Mukuru Employment Agency  (as an Employer)?
Using Mukuru Employment Agency as an Employer has different packages, Call us on 0769797898 for placement of your job.


How can I access Mukuru Employment Agency  services?
Mukuru Employment Agency  is accessible via mobile handset (with Internet Browser), tablet, PC and laptop. Mukuru Employment Agency  can be accessed by using a Web Browser on your own device or for example in Cyber Café. When using public computers, remember to not store your username and password or leave it visible for strangers.


Am I allowed to apply for jobs in Kenya if I am from other countries?
Yes, you can. However, that depends on the employer and their willingness to meet the relocation costs. Different jobs have different requirements.


Will Mukuru Employment Agency  help me get a job?
Mukuru Employment Agency  can assist you in getting a job regardless of your profession. Mukuru Employment Agency  provides the tools to set your professional goal, plan the next steps, find interesting employers with Jobs that match your profile. The more complete your profile is, the easier it is for employers looking for your kind of talent find you. It will also ensure that you get recommendations that are in line with your interest. Mukuru Employment Agency  will also you develop relevant skills in order to achieve your goal. However it all depends on your own activity in using our services.


Can Mukuru Employment Agency  give me career advice face to face, email or phone?
When you log into your Mukuru Employment Agency  account you will be able to see handpicked news dealing with interesting and relevant topics for you.


Can I have a job/internship at Mukuru Employment Agency ?
We are always interested in hearing from talented individuals. We post all our open jobs and internships on Mukuru Employment Agency  so make sure you have a signed up and created your online CV. That way you will be then found in case your qualifications match the position on offer.


Are the jobs on Mukuru Employment Agency  page different from other job sites?
Companies who post jobs on Mukuru Employment Agency  may also post the same jobs across multiple job sites. However, many employers use Mukuru Employment Agency  as their primary recruitment channel. Keep your online CV updated as employers also look for people straight on Mukuru Employment Agency .


What kind of jobs are there in Mukuru Employment Agency ?
Mukuru Employment Agency  is open for jobs from all industries and we post new jobs daily. Therefore we recommend that you check back often as the next big opportunity may just have been posted!


Can I use Mukuru Employment Agency  even if I am student and don’t have work experience?
Having formal work experience will increase a person’s chances of getting a job. That is a given. But we do not exclude people without experience: formal work experience is not a requirement for using Mukuru Employment Agency . As a general rule in job search, it makes sense to mention anything that has taught you something. Be it even a short internship or some informal work.
Also, it depends largely on the companies. Some jobs are suitable for people without experience and this will be then clearly stated in the job ad. Mukuru Employment Agency  has jobs for all experience levels, and depending on the season, we also have internships and student jobs. Check back often as the situation varies daily.