Our Team

Frank O’shea

Director – Mukuru Employment Agency.

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Frank is a Christian Brother and a missionary from Australia and since 2011, He has been the director of Ruben Centre. During this time he has led the process that has given Ruben two five year Strategic plans and the current plan and its strategic objectives has seen the Centre embrace many new initiatives that are enabling us to realize the Ruben  vision and mission. He is delighted to announce yet another new project beginning mid 2019 and which is the Mukuru Employment Agency.  The vision, funds and both human and material resources are coming together now and it is hoped that the youth will begin to benefit from this project.

Constantine Sunday

Head of Talent Acquisition

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Sunday has specialized in community development, public health and Training for transformation (Development Education). He believes in empowering people so that they can take charge of their on-development issues from personal to community level. He is passionate in working and understanding the dynamics of development from every level of the society. Together with the team they have built a very reliable group that looks at issues from all perspectives.
During his free time, you can find him in the gym building muscles or indoors watching action movies and sometimes going for walks. In addition, he loves pets and to be more specific German shepherds’ dogs.

Terry Nyanchwa

Recruitment Consultant

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Terry is a practicing Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) expert with relevant and sound knowledge in performance tracking and results base planning, rolling out and implementation of monitoring and evolution systems, organizational and capacity building of key technical aspects with regards to Monitoring, Evaluation and knowledge management as a result of her 7yrs experience working with different donors.
On her free time Terry likes to travel, reading and swimming.

Elizabeth Mwangi

Senior Executive Consultant

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Elizabeth has a wealth of experience in communications and project management with an inclination in development for resilience, sustainability and equality. Her passion is to see growth and positive change in people that are deprived through systemic biases.
She is passionate about adrenaline driving funs like zip lining, bungee
jumping and nature adventures. She also enjoys quite alone time with a good
book or movie. She is fanatical about red colour. It is her identity.

Chrescent Ebembe

HR Specialist

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Chrescent is an experienced Human Resource Specialist with a passion for the personnel industry. He chooses recruitment because he has a genuine passion for the industry and he enjoys sourcing top talent in the labour market. He finds people fascinating and working in the recruitment industry allows him the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. The ever-changing demands of the job market and challenges are his biggest motivation. Chrescent terms himself  lucky to be working with the support of such a dynamic and experienced team at Ruben Centre.

 Carolyne Lugendo

Recruitment Consultant & Office Administrator

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Carolyne works as a Recruitment Consultant and an Office Administrator at the Firm. Her goal is to make Mukuru Employment Agency a warm and welcoming environment for both Clients and Candidates.  She is trained in Secretarial and Business Management course. Apart from being a staff at MEA, she is the Founder of the EASTER BASKET, an initiative that seeks to spread the message of LOVE, HOPE and Personal Responsibility in addressing human Suffering to our most needy Ruben Centre Children. This initiative has seen more than 400 children benefiting yearly. She has passion in socializing, Interacting and involvement with the community. Her focus is in service and love creating networks.

Pius Mutiso

Senior Executive Consultant

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Pius is a man of few words but well informed in Accounting and Financial  Management. Ask anything from policy making to financial strategy and investment he would be spot on and of great insight.
While Pius is free he is always engaged in farming, he believes in a sustainable environment that enables equitable distribution of resources.

Jacqueline Wagaki

Marketing and Communications Officer

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As the Marketing and Communications Officer,  Jacqueline Wamuya is responsible for strategic marketing and communications planning, knowledge dissemination and outreach to the key audiences that the center seeks to influence. She is a University of Nairobi alumni where she successfully completed a concentration in Mass Communication.

Gregory Barake

Recruitment Consultant/IT Support

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“ Greg” is  qualified in communication and Electronic media . Being a 90s kid, he is the youngest member of the team. His drive & ambition to want the finer things in life is mind-boggling.  He love sports;  play(ed) rugby & he is  an enthusiast of English football.  His Bachelor’s degree confirms he can handle everything in a media/ production studio. “I love the camera but the camera does not love me”, Greg illustrates. If you meet him, there is a 99.9% chance he will smile and say hi, so beware!