Products and Services

MEA (Mukuru Employment Agency) products and services would focus on enhancing five key areas within the employment context to support the needs of both employers and employees. These include:

Corporate programs

  • Effective sale training
  • Excellent customer services
  • Leadership development
  • Performance management training.
  • Team building.

Courses for individuals

  • Speak with confidence training
  • Advance Excel Training
  • Practical Accounting Training and Career Mentorship
  • Human Resource Training and Seminar
  • Project Management and Monitoring Evaluation Training
  • Practical HR skills training and mentorship
  • Time management
  • Mock interviews
  • Skills audit Process

Our Services

  • Whole Cycle of Talent Management + HR Consultancy
  • Behavioural & Psychometric Assessments.Capacity Development & Training.Personal Development & Coaching.
  • Formulation of Business Strategies
  • Our Consultancy services include:
  • Collaborative Formulation of Business strategies
  • HR Audits
  • Designing HR Policies and Procedures
  • Implementation of HR structures and processes
  • Position profiling and Role structuring
  • Performance Management processes, Tools, and Training
  • Talent Management Strategies
  • Organization Design and Development
  • Learning Management
  • HR Data Management and reporting
  • Organizations come to us seeking the best people for them.
  • Our Recruitment services assist clients’ performance through the identification, assessment and selection of talented employees using our national and regional networks as well as select data of strong candidates
Capacity development is key to driving performance and achievement of desirable business results in organizations.
At MEA, we have the tools to assess your team’s strengths, gaps, and areas for improvement.
Based on the outcome of these assessments, we will tailor relevant programs to address the required development and training needs of your teams.
Our Training Development programs include:
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Future Leaders Now
  • The Leading Edge Manager
  • Manager Development Program
  • Management Skills Series
  • Executive Coaching
  • Coaching with PDA
  • Supervisory Skills Training
  • Sales Development –Customer Focused Selling
  • Team Development
  • Team Building programs
  • Behavior Modification Training
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Personal Grooming & Business Etiquette
  • Change Management
  • Time & Life Management
  • Recruitment Skills
  • Performance Management
  • Presentation Skills
  • Communication Skills
We counsel individuals and groups with a range of special, emotional and behavioral problems. Examples include bereavement, alcohol and substance abuse, sexual abuse, criminal offenders, depressions, marital problems, HIV AIDS and other psychological problems.
We offer consultancy services in a wide range of areas. Examples include:
  • Preparation of employees for redundancy and retirement.
  • Employee motivation at the workplace.
  • Managing stress at the workplace.
  • Counseling of employees who have undergone or going through disciplinary procedures.